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JESUSWALKS is a public art exhibition of young and emerging Australian talent.

Comprising of 33 dynamic and distinctive versions of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (the well known icon of Jesus depicted clothed, with arms outstretched in welcome and heart exposed as a symbol of his love for all) the exhibition is intended to be thought provoking to Christian and non–Christian audiences alike.

The exhibition is FREE and is taking place across Sydney from July 15–20, 2008 to coincide with World Youth Day .


Barangaroo (Millers Point)
» Brett Chan
» Meg Campbell
» Oh Really

Bondi Beach
» Aly de Groot
» Mission Australia
» Teho Ropeyarn

Cockle Bay
» Felicity Blackadder
» Kill Pixie
» Matthew Winch
» Tegan Broderick

The Convention Centre
» Matthew Rochford
» Shu Xian Wong

The Domain
» Adam Lee
» David Capra
» Issacc Campbell–Cook
» Yiwon Park

Hyde Park
» Leahlani Johnson
» Leigh Rigozzi
» Sam Evans
» Sarah Robinson

North Sydney
» Angus Fisher
» Louise Mayne
» Ricky Emmerton

» Christopher Wolter
» Clara Wanatirta
» Josie Tipungwuti
» Key College
» Leon Smith
» Suzan Liu

West Circular Quay
» Ampersand
» Amunda Gorey
» Jason Wing
» Samuel Dunn & John Sheehy